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Mr. Brainwash Full Throttle

  • MR BRAINWASH - Full Throttle
Mr. Brainwash
Full Throttle


Year: 2021
Format: 178cm x 84cm
Category: Silkscreen
Price: 4.800 €
Rental per month: 72 €

Extra info:
The artwork by Mr. Brainwash Full Throttle is a screenprint on paper made in 2021 and measuring 84x178 cm. It is a limited edition of 60 pieces hand-signed and numbered. After Ferrari, Mr. Brainwash chooses a vintage Mercedes as an icon of luxury and redraws it with his unmistakable style. Mr. Brainwash is inspired by the historic Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, a 2-seat sports racer that made its debut in 1955. In black and white, the work pays homage to the elegance of the automobile company. Only the headlights, in yellow the front, in red the rear, stand out in the composition. The blurred background and the paint splashes highlight the sense of speed: Mr. Brainwash's Mercedes seems to whiz past our eyes.

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