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Limited edition of 30 pieces (16 available)

Dimensions 70 cm (H) by 50 cm (W)

Signed and numbered by the artist

Silkscreen with 9 colors

Release date April 2021

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€ 280

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Artwork - Poisonous from head to tail by Joachim
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An expressionist of today

Interview with Joachim from artsenkrant 08/2020 by Henk Van Nieuwenhove

Joachim (34) started his artist training with free murals "to embellish the vandalized walls of the houses". Word-of-mouth advertising worked: gradually he received paid commissions and was picked up by the art dealers. Today his work can be seen in renowned galleries in Copenhagen, Berlin, Knokke, Antwerp, London and Chichester, where the removal of one of his murals from the street scene even led to an emotional protest and a petition from the local population.

His studio is located on the first floor of a workers' cottage in the melting pot of Antwerp, Borgerhout. The room has everything a studio can offer. It looks like a bomb exploded and exploded the paint in all directions. A series of works on canvas are neatly arranged against the walls. "They are ready for a three-day international art fair in Copenhagen", explains Joachim (Lambrechts).

At the beginning of the summer he had his first solo exhibition in London, more precisely at the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, one of the hotspots of New Contemporary art. Title of the exhibition: On the spur of the moment. "It refers to my way of soaking: I paint what I feel at that moment. I have to be able to work spontaneously, like a child who draws a drawing. If I try too hard to portray an idea, then doomed to failure.

Chasing the dream

Joachim was the first in a family of eight children. Only: things didn't work out well at school. After retaking his first year in art classes three times, he gave up and rolled from one job to another, as a warehouse worker, as a forklift driver, as an order picker ... "After all, bread had to be made. when I was 21 I was the father of a darling daughter ... But my dream was to become an artist. Even if it doesn't work you should at least try to follow your dream ", and so Joachim stopped working in the factory and did everything he could to become an artist.

"At my first exhibition I sold zero works, nada! Then I was in sack and ashes. But when I have doubts I think of my late grandmother who always encouraged me to draw and paint. She went to the Academy herself and she thought I had talent. Thanks to her I kept going. " In his studio Joachim keeps a watercolor of his grandmother, a photo and her urn ...

Since a year Joachim has stopped painting murals, "because I had to put too much water in the wine". He draws his paintings on the back. "My style is my signature". Like many others, he found inspiration in Haring, Basquiat and Fernand L├ęger. But his work is more and more reminiscent of the Flemish expressionists with its large checkered figures that fill the entire canvas: Permeke, Vandenberghe, Desmet. His still lifes are reminiscent of Jean Brusselmans, his boxers of Prosper De Troyer ... "That is certainly the fault of my grandmother who took me to exhibitions of Flemish painters".