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First silkscreen
by Steve Locatelli

(Now available for pre-order, photos of the printing process will be added to this page. Stay tuned.)

Silkscreen with 14 colors

Limited edition of 100 pieces (0 available)

Dimensions 120cm (H) by 80cm (W)

Signed and numbered by the artist

400g/m² Sommerset velvet warm white

Release date end of december 2020

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The making of

A "behind the scenes" look of the silkscreen or serigraph printing process of YNTYMYTY

The beauty of the skull

Interview with Steve Locatelli from artsenkrant 07/2020 by Henk Van Nieuwenhove

Steve Locatelli (42) is what you call the prototype of the urban artist. Started with graffiti, tags, wandering from city to city, he learned on the street what art is. "Even though I live in the woods, I need the city. that's where I get my inspiration."

One hundred percent self-taught, he learned the tricks of the trade from friends / colleagues he spent time with. “When I was young, I could not imagine that I would ever earn a living with street art. So it is possible. Street art was really hip about ten years ago. We received many assignments from the advertising world, assignments for murals as well, I have seen all over the world. But about five years ago I made the click: I wanted to create something permanent, and I wanted to work on canvas: street art is the new contemporary art.”

Third dimension

Locatelli has a studio on the Eilandje in Antwerp, in a building made available by the city to artists to combat vacancy. His studio could be an installation by Ilya Kabakov.

The space is occupied by aerosol cans, paint residues in all colors and recent work. They are painting sculptures, made with structure gel that is applied to the work in thick blobs so that the work gets depth, a third dimension.

"De canvascollectie"

Art galleries in Knokke, London, Paris, Cannes, Dortmund ... line up to buy his artworks. “But every now and then it tickles and I agree with friends to make a mural together in some tolerance zone that you can find in all cities nowadays. Painting together, I've always done that, and that's how you learn new techniques, new material from each other!”

Steve Locatelli gained access to the general public through his participation in "De canvascollectie" in the year 2007. He reached the final with the work The Kid Soldier, a very strong work with a message. The work of the finalists was then exhibited at Bozar in Brussels. Steve Locatelli, real name? "Hell yes. My family is Coming from Italy, from Locatello more precisely, a village near Bergamo. Every ten years, all Locatellis from all over the world gather there for a party in the football stadium of Atalanta Bergamo. We once went there with the family, there were 2,000 Locatellis together. Really funny!”